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The "E94 276" 3022.1

edited by Alberto Pedrini - technical advice by Franco Spiniello

The 3022 has been produced from 1964 to 1981 in six types:

.1 from '64 to '66, you can recognize it from the decals that identify the cabs, yellow the number and red the thunderbolt. Service number E94.276, the buffers have a white ring painted, the high tension cables on the roof are brick red.

in the .2, from '66 to '70, The cab's number become printed in white

since the .3, from '70 to '78, the service number become  194.091-5

in the .4, from '79 to '81, the buffers are black and the pantos change in the 9.1 type

the .5, 1980, has the high tension cables on the roof  brown.

la .6, 1981, has the service number printed directly not in relief.

The original box



Here  the catalog page from 1964 where the locomotive has been introduced

The cover of the catalog 1964/65 was devoted to the E94 -  one of the internal pages said how great was the power of the loco.


the E94 at work


three pics of the loco, note the buffers with the white rings and the service number printed in relief


under the skin


on the left the .1 on the right the .3


and a video, already known...


This is a rarity from my archives


And at last, the Koll's quotations since 1978

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