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The Märklinfan Club Italia is an Organization  for the purpose of collecting and  exchanging information  regarding Märklin miniature trains among Italian enthusiasts.   The Club consists of members from all over Italy who get together privately from time to time in various cities or on the occasion of exhibitions and demonstrations of  model trains.   Communicating and sharing takes place on-line here and by our  ‘Indice interattivo’ buttons links.   The ‘hands-on’ activities of the Club take shape in the construction of two  kinds of model layouts: the Digital and the Vintage.


The digital model  layout consists of C tracks, the standard measures 144 cm and is 61 cm deep.  The train track is placed 130 cm. from the floor. The scenery is left to the creator’s imagination and is set in four kind of scenery Central Europe (Germany, Austria and Benelux), Italy, Switzerland and USA.


Our vintage model  layout represents the golden age (1960-1975) of the Märklin electric train, as a toy that fascinated every boy at that time.  In accordance with  the vintage spirit the architectonic elements and scenery are only evoked, not  literally reproduced .  The objective is not realism but the emotion aroused by the eye-catching train.  The rest serves only to free the imagination. 

Reports and photos of both model layouts can be found here


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