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Brief repotage about the Spur 1 Modellbahntreff - Sinsheim  2008 June 28-29

edited by Alberto Pedrini

I have been at the meeting on 28 saturday, the first day.

Two big tents were built  nearby the railroad  pavillons as entrance, inside we can feel immediately the smell of the solid fuel for the real steam locos. Aster e Wyko


many shops sold new and used locos, coaches, freights and accessories


Here some buildings producers


two works of art


and layout accessories,  lasercut heads for  modular layouts,  beautiful turnouts and double slip switches  and  motorized turntable.


Some of the firms showed also big layouts were ran their models




two big Nohabs


These are the showcases of one of the bigger german shops specialized in the 1 scale where we can admire crowds of locos modified and weathered.


look at the details of this BR96


after that other shops and accessories for all the needs


Here the 1:32 models between the 1:1 locos


There were also some private layouts, here one, modular, with a background done by computer and the Jowi software


A Challenger waiting her buyer

And at last the Spur 1 Team Wrttemberg layout, where a lot of wonderful trains were running.







more info about this team



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